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Here are a selection of projects I have recently completed. If you wish to view my portfolio in detail,

please request this via email. 

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 An escape, a little paradise created by hand and by nature. Focusing on this garden, the memories, experiences and ‘moments’ as an opportunity to explore and indeed re-imagine the space I encountered as a child. Capturing  this ethereal feeling.

The immaterial matter developed through weightless woven abstractions and glass. The textile installation evoking a sense of  interactivity with these fleeting moments - these non-tangible memories.


Can memory become a philosophy through textiles?

This project takes a philosophical concept relevant to wider frameworks challenging the restlessness and tension that exists in memory. 

The textile is conversation between the permanent and the impermanent, the despair and comfort, memory collections, reading the narrative.

The pieces communicate the research and sensations through tactility and construction, becoming stories of an instinctual nature where the occasional twist and turns of the weft bring emotions, questions and perhaps understanding to the surface.

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Selected as designer to attend a week at the Textile Zentrum Haslach experimental weave workshop, acquiring competence of professional equipment; experimenting on a jacquard loom, to tackle a specific design-oriented project..

 ‘Vielschichtigkeit’. My proposal; to combine the digital with the immaterial, producing a collection of technical samples representing the layers of our existence, our memories. I worked with conductive yarn to construct morphing textiles which transform tailored to the way they are woven.


Thinking Through Making

Thinking through making carries a strong narrative associating my memories and others loss of them translated into my relationship with woven cloth, transforming structures to thereby change one’s perception of textiles.


'Sehnsucht’, a German noun, psychologists use the word to represent emotions associated with longing for the ideal alternative experience.

Comprising a hand fabricated textile installation piece that interacts with shadow, sunlight dispersing through, and  sensations of vivid hues.


Form and Substance

 I investigate the similarities between hand-woven textiles and natural surfaces. Designing on the loom, creating timeless, sustainable, and complex structures working with double and triple cloth, pleats and tubes for a fine art context.  I have reflected on the simplicity of a plain-woven structure, focusing on the intricacies. I aim to depict nature’s details and beauty that may otherwise be ignored. 

Chance and Transformation 

Focusing less on pure weave, alternatively allowing the material to shape itself. The project was directed towards  an outcome for the Makers' Tale Salisbury Arts Exhibition 2021. I experimented manipulating the fabric by hand and though the laser cutter, developing designs with machinery outside of my specialism 

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