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06 Momente 2022

Light Drawings 

Evoking a sense of movement and interactivity with these fleeting moments.

Iridescence with Stainless Steel Silk Leno 
Hand dyed gradient 



Communicating the ephemeral. 
I would like you to imagine you're in this space, this ambiance created by hand and by nature, you are feeling the tactility, opening your senses and embracing the sounds. You are walking through and around the textiles, pushing away the kinetic sculptures and letting them fall back in front of you. Like the memory it is disappearing and then reappearing again. Its illusive. It is morphing into a new shape from the transitional perspective, incorporating the light to cascade shadows, fading in and out of existence. You are part of this ethereal atmosphere. The textile moment’s embraces the space, they embody the space, and they also transformed the space into a new interpretation the garden in a more magical momentary way.

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